History of Innovation

AB was founded in 1993 by Alfred E. Mann with the mission to develop implantable patient care solutions that improve quality of life.

AB evolved from two highly successful companies that developed and marketed innovative medical devices; one created new generation pacemakers, and the other developed microinfusion systems (miniature drug delivery pumps used in the treatment of diabetes). The technology behind AB’s first cochlear implant system came from the pioneering research at the University of California, San Francisco.

Since its inception, AB has consistently made industry-leading advancements in technology innovations that have helped make a difference in the lives of thousands of families worldwide.

Today, AB offers the most sophisticated cochlear implant system on the market with five times more sound resolution than its competitors, designed to allow recipients to go beyond deciphering speech to hearing music.

Now working with Phonak under the Sonova Group, AB has access to industry-leading engineering and technologies for products currently under development. These revolutionary products are designed to deliver unparalleled hearing performance, comfort, and reliability for recipients.

AB Timeline

  • Intrigued by the notion of “helping deaf people hear,” Alfred E. Mann founds Advanced Bionics and appoints Jeffrey H. Greiner to lead an organization of seven engineers and scientists.
  • Approval from the FDA to market the Clarion™ cochlear implant with pre-formed electrode for use in adults. The Clarion sound processor is released, the industry’s first multi-program processor with unique single headpiece design, independent volume and sensitivity controls, and nothing on the ear.
  • Approval to market its Clarion cochlear implants for use in children.
  • The S-SeriesTM sound processor is released.
  • Launch of the CII Bionic Ear™ implant and HiFocus™ electrode, capable of being upgraded through software programming for advancing hearing performance without additional surgery.
  • The CII BTE and the Platinum BTE are approved for release.
  • Introduction of the Bionic Ear Association, a support network for candidates and AB recipients in North America.
  • Launch in Europe of the HiResolution strategy providing full spectrum delivery with high rate of stimulation for better temporal definition.
  • Launch of the T-Mic™ microphone, giving recipients effortless wireless connectivity to cellphones, headsets, and MP3 players. Direct Connect™ and iConnect™ earhook options are made available to best suit the listening task at hand.
  • Launch of the HiRes 90K™ implant with a new surgical design that retains unparalleled capability for upgrades through software programming to advance hearing performance without additional surgery.
  • Launch of the Auria™ sound processor and new programming software SoundWave™ Professional Suite capable of fitting HiResolution™ (HiRes) Sound Processing.
  • Thousands of AB recipients are upgraded to HiRes providing recipients with the opportunity to hear better in noise and real-world environments.
  • Boston Scientific acquires Advanced Bionics.
  • Launch of the Harmony™ HiResolution™ Bionic Ear System (Harmony), the world’s most sophisticated cochlear implant system using cutting-edge technology to deliver the best possible hearing experience.
  • Launch of HiRes Fidelity 120™ * sound processing with groundbreaking current steering technology for more precise hearing in real-world situations and greater music enjoyment.
  • *HiRes Fidelity 120 is not approved for pediatric patients in the United States.
  • Boston Scientific completes sale of Advanced Bionics to former principals and shareholders.
  • Launch of The Listening Room™, a one-of-a-kind, free online resource for developing listening skills.
  • Launch of the HearingJourney™ online community in North America, providing easy access to education and support for candidates and recipients.
  • CI-SMART™ study is conducted, identifying and analyzing the top cochlear implant clinic reimbursement issues affecting clinics across the country in North America.
  • AB is acquired by Sonova Holding AG and began working with Phonak on future generation technologies that benefit recipients and professionals.
  • Launch of the Processor Direct™ program for faster processor returns.
  • Launch of ClearVoice™ **, a revolutionary sound-processing strategy, in Europe, Asia and Canada.
  • AB partners with Skinit™, the leading company in consumer electronics personalization, to offer custom-made Skinit designs for AB sound processors.
  • Launch of The Listening Check™ diagnostic tool that can easily verify that a child’s equipment is functioning properly.

    **ClearVoice™ is not approved nor available for sale in the United States.
  • Sonova Holding AG, the parent company of Advanced Bionics, adds a new Management Board position, Group Vice President Medical, responsible for overseeing the Group’s hearing implant segment, including AB and Phonak Acoustic Implants.
  • Ingenia, a revolutionary middle ear implant by Phonak Acoustic Implants, enters clinical trials.
  • HiRes Optima Sound Processing from Advanced Bionics Receives Worldwide Approval
  • Advanced Bionics Announces the Commercial Release of the Naída CI Q70 Sound Processor
  • Advanced Bionics Launches World's First Waterproof Case for Cochlear Implant Recipients
  • Advanced Bionics Receives TÜV Approval for the Naída CI Q Series of Sound Processors
  • Advanced Bionics Introduces the New HiRes™ Ultra Cochlear Implant