Now Your Patients Can Connect With Us — in Spanish or English

At Advanced Bionics, we’re committed to helping everyone achieve their hearing goals. We can help your patient whether they want to enjoy music, feel more confident using the phone, or join in conversations with friends and family—even in noisy places. 

We have Spanish-language resources dedicated to supporting their journey to better hearing every step of the way.


A Personal Guide For Your Patients

At AB, we have bilingual Cochlear Implant Consumer Specialists who are eager to connect with your patient, no matter where they are in the process of getting a cochlear implant. Your patient's specialist will be their guide to all of the services and opportunities we have to offer. They can answer their questions, help them find support materials, even introduce them to other cochlear implant recipients.


Spanish Resources

We have three amazing websites, in Spanish, dedicated to helping your patients reach their hearing goals:, online forum and rehabilitation website.

We are excited to announce our new Spanish-language Advanced Bionics website. Connect to AB to learn all about technologically advanced products, explore resources, and more!


We’re excited to introduce you to CaminoAudición, the Spanish-language version of our thriving HearingJourney™ website. Advanced Bionics developed the site because of our determination to support those who are considering cochlear implants. CaminoAudición is a place to chat, laugh, learn and share stories about hearing loss and cochlear implants. Like HearingJourney, CaminoAudición is a safe, secure online forum of cochlear implant candidates and recipients.


The Listening Room

The Listening Room is a one-of-a-kind website that offers engaging, effective rehabilitation exercises that support parents as they help their child learn to hear with a cochlear implant. It is filled with fun, bilingual interactive activities for you to share with patients. You can use the language filter to discover Spanish-language activities to help your patient families with hearing loss learn to listen, develop language and experience music. And don't forget you can connect with your families through the The Listening Room to further support their growth by suggesting activities!


We Can’t Wait to Assist Your Patients

Do they need Customer Service, information about Insurance Reimbursement, or a connection to a sympathetic ear? No problem. Our bilingual representatives are there to help.

We have a dedicated Spanish-language resource line and an email just for Spanish speakers. The phone number is 1.833.277.5OIR. The email address:

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