SoundWave™ Professional Suite Fitting Software

The Simplicity You Want, Flexibility You Need

We know that there are challenges in keeping up with the growing recipient expectations and clinic demands. SoundWave Professional Fitting Software delivers the simplicity you want and the flexibility you need, enabling you to connect more with your patients.

Excellence in Programming

  • Easy application of AutoSound OS technology, a collection of automatic features designed to ensure patients hear their best wherever they go
  • Intelligently designed slot intentions provide clinicians with streamlined access to dedicated listening programs for use in a variety of environments
  • Customizable, age-based program defaults and templates for simplicity and flexibility when working with patients of all ages
  • Rapid programming of exclusive Phonak Binaural VoiceStream Technology™, including the UltraZoom, QuickSync, and DuoPhone features, as well as all AB wireless accessories
  • Convenient battery life estimation to determine the best power option for individual hearing needs
  • Fast NRI—easier and faster to measure multiple NRI series for convenience in the clinic and operating room
  • Streamlined fitting of bilateral patients provides access to all features and controls needed to complete a bilateral fitting in one simple workflow


The Naída CI sound processors enable datalogging functionality, which captures information about how recipients use their Naída in the real world. SoundWave provides access to this data to help you understand how your patients use programs, features, and accessories.

The information provided may help you counsel your patients on the use of the system and evaluate any programming changes that might improve their hearing outcomes.

Datalogging allows you to:

  • Determine how the Naída CI processor is being used on a daily basis, including programs and features usage and the volume control range
  • View graphs that indicate the type and loudness of the environments that your patient experiences throughout the day
  • Determine time spent streaming from any connected wireless device or Roger accessory
  • Use the ComPilot graph for a detailed look at how the patient has been using the ComPilot accessory, including whether your patients use the processor or remote control to change volume or programs
  • Track which batteries your patient is using and review battery life calculation by capacity

*Not all features are available to all the processors. Check with local AB representative for more details.  

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