The Right Combination Matters

The complete range of Naída CI solutions designed specifically for hearing your best with both ears.

The right combination of hearing devices can help your two ears work together, make it easier to hear the world around you, provide balanced and focused representation of sounds, and make it easier to understand in noisy environments.

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Naída™ CI
Bilateral Solution

Two CIs are better than one

Naída CI Bilateral Solution

If you have minimal or no benefit from wearing a hearing aid in the opposite ear, you might be eligible for a second cochlear implant. More insurers are now covering two cochlear implants. With cochlear implants on both sides (bilateral), you can take advantage of the natural way that your brain interprets sounds and their location, making it easier to identify and locate sounds. Two Naída CI devices, working together as a single system, give you access to special features designed to improve understanding in noise.


Naída™ Link 
Bimodal Solution

Match a hearing aid to your CI

Naída Link Bimodal Solution

If you wear a hearing aid in the opposite ear, you should consider the Naída Link. When a cochlear implant and a hearing aid work together, they can provide the rich sound you want and the speech understanding you need. The Phonak Naída Link is the first and only hearing aid specifically designed to treat sound in the same way as a cochlear implant. This gives you the most natural way to combine a hearing aid and cochlear implant. You also get access to special features designed to improve understanding in noise.


Naída™ Link
CROS Solution

Tiny and mighty

Naída Link CROS Solution

If a hearing aid in the opposite ear doesn't provide any benefit and you aren't interested in a second implant, you should consider the Naída Link CROS. This tiny device is worn on your opposite ear and sends sounds to your Naída CI, giving you full access to the world around you. It is wireless, discreet, and completely automatic. You simply switch it on and enjoy hearing from both sides. With Naída Link CROS, you also get access to special features designed to improve understanding in noise.


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