Top 3 Reasons Why Protecting Your Inner Ear Matters

“I have never seen him so excited while speaking on the phone! He’s able to use the phone even from the non implanted side with the CROS — this is just great!”
— Mother of Harsh T., AB Recipient

The cochlea in the human inner ear is the sound analyzer of the ear. It has been shown that better protection of the inner ear leads to a better hearing experience.


1. Prevent hearing loss

Protect your inner ear now by taking recommended precautions during loud events and activities such as concerts, during construction work, or any situation where you have to raise your voice to talk to other people. Things you can do to protect your inner ear would include wearing ear plugs, taking breaks from noise every 15 minutes and not listening to music at more than 60% of the maximum volume of your device.


2. Enhance your cochlear implant hearing

If you do experience severe to profound hearing loss, protecting the inner ear during cochlear implant surgery is shown to lead to better preservation of your remaining natural hearing. This allows you to take advantage of a complete cochlear implant and hearing aid solution in one device, the Naida CI All-In-One. This gives you fuller, richer sound quality of a hearing aid in your implanted ear.


3. Widest potential for future treatment options

Only the Naída CI offers a complete range of solutions made for your other ear to provide a fuller, richer hearing experience. If you have hearing in your other ear or even if you don’t, there is a Naída solution for you



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