Powerful Connections!
A Team Approach to Managing Your Severe to Profound Patients 

Powerful Connections

The severe to profound patient can uniquely benefit from a portfolio of solutions and a team of professionals to help manage their hearing healthcare needs. Please join Advanced Bionics and (insert name of featured CI surgeon and center) for a special evening as we discuss how we can partner together to provide the latest hearing solutions, while staying connected with our patients and with each other.




Workshop Description

This event will introduce you to:

  • Challenges and Needs of the Severe to Profound Patient
  • Cochlear Implants Used in Combination with the Portfolio of Phonak Solutions
  • Understanding Cochlear Implants and What to Expect
  • The Hearing Journey before and after implantation
  • A Cochlear Implant Recipient’s Story

Course Organizer

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Course Objective

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to identify potential candidates for a cochlear implant and describe the Advanced Bionics and Phonak portfolio of solutions for the patient with severe to profound hearing loss. In addition, participants will be able to identify resources for further information and rehabilitation tools that are available.

If you cannot attend or would like additional information, you can connect with us at

HEAR@AdvancedBionics.com or 866.844.HEAR.

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Continuing Education Units

This course is offered for XX ASHA CEUs XX Level Professional area.

Event Location