Connect Like Never Before

with Naída CI Q90

The way we interact, communicate and connect has changed significantly due to advances in technology. Hands free phone calls and direct media streaming have become an essential part of modern life and the prevalence of Bluetooth® technology has ensured the freedom to connect to the devices of our choice. We want technology to connect us with family and friends, and for it to integrate into our world in a simple and seamless way.

At Advanced Bionics, we believe that CI patients should be able to stream directly and call hands free from any device.

This is why Phonak and AB have developed Naída CI Connect, an elegant design-integrated solution for Naída CI Q90.


Stream Direct

Nothing in your way

Now you can directly stream phone calls or your favorite music via Bluetooth without the hassle of a body-worn device.

With a simple plug-and-play TV Connector, you can stream the sound from your TV directly to your sound processor.

This allows you to seamlessly enjoy all of your phone calls, favorite music and TV programs.

Call Hands Free

Multitask while calling

With Naída CI Connect, you can hear the phone ringing directly in your processor. Pick up calls without touching your phone. Your Naída CI Q90 becomes a Bluetooth wireless headset with built-in microphones that picks-up your own voice for phone calls.

Free your hands and multitask!

1. Directional Microphones Pick Up Your Voice

2. Answer or End Calls with a Simple Press of the Button

Connect to Any Device

Your phone, your choice

Whatever type of phone you use, Naída CI Q90 connects to it. It works with Android, iOS and any feature phone.

And not just phones: Naída CI Q90 connects you to all Bluetooth-enabled tablets, laptops, and MP3 players*.

Naída CI Connect Support and FAQ

Powered by Sonova Wireless One Radio Digital Chip Technology

Sonova Wireless One Radio Digital is the chip that enables the connectivity benefits of Naída CI Connect. This proprietary low-voltage 2.4 GHz radio chip has the lowest power consumption of any hearing device using Bluetooth Classic. This cutting-edge chip is future-proof, meaning it’s capable of supporting advancements in wireless features and a world of digital service solutions for future generations of hearing devices.


*with Bluetooth® 4.2 wireless technology and most older Bluetooth phones

Bluetooth® is a registered trademark owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.; Android™ is a registered trademark owned by Google, Inc.; iOS®, iPhone®, and Apple® are registered trademarks owned by Apple, Inc.

Check with local AB representative for regulatory approvals and product availability in your area.





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