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AB sound processors incorporate sophisticated, cutting-edge technology and sound processing to keep you hearing your best in real-world conditions. Enjoy the best possible hearing in noise, while listening to music—even while in or under the water! With the lifestyle™ line of processors, Advanced Bionics offers the industry’s most flexible wearing styles to meet your or your child’s needs.


“We chose Advanced Bionics because of their superior technology. We wanted to give our son the best access to speech and AB was the way to go.”

Jennifer Lawrence, mother of AB recipient Cormac

Naída CI Sound Processors - 
Bring on the Performance

Naída CI – Bring on the Performance

The Naída CI Q Series of sound processors from Advanced Bionics provide unique, groundbreaking features that help you to effortlessly hear in any environment. The technologies of AB and Phonak, the innovation leaders in cochlear implants and hearing aids, have evolved to provide advantages no other manufacturer can match. Naída CI sound processors combine new features never before seen in a cochlear implant system with proven, unique solutions for the best possible hearing wherever you go.

The full performance package includes:

Neptune—the industry’s only swimmable 
freestyle processor

Neptune™ is the first and only swimmable sound processor in the world with the most flexible wearing styles ever. Developed for all ages and lifestyles, the fashionable Neptune processor features the industry’s first freestyle™ design, allowing you to hear your world with the comfort of nothing on the ear. Only Neptune gives you the freedom to choose your wearing style—in your hair, on your arm, under your collar, in your pocket— without compromising hearing performance. Whether you want to show it off or tuck it away discreetly, the freestyle design lets you wear it just how you like it.  With the AquaMic™ headpiece, the industry’s only waterproof headpiece microphone, you or your child can experience uncovered, uncompromised underwater hearing.

  • Neptune delivers strength in performance and design:
  • Stylish, elegant freestyle design inspired by popular consumer electronics
  • Compatibility with AB performance and sound processing innovations
  • Power it with one AAA battery, off-the-shelf disposable or rechargeable
  • Flexible connectivity accessories

Hear Your World with Harmony

Harmony™ is a comfortable, stylish, and highly functional behind-the-ear processor ideal for adults and children. Experience optimized hearing with the Harmony processor’s unrivaled features:


  • Advanced, proven AB sound processing innovations
  • T-Mic™ microphone
  • Easy connectivity
  • Flexible wearing options
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • User-friendly controls
  • Convenient power options
  • Guaranteed water resistance
  • Sleek headpiece design
  • IntelliLink™ safety feature to prevent bilateral mismatches.

Hear Clearly Anytime, Anywhere with AB

AB’s superior sound processing technology is designed to help your child or you hear your best in virtually any situation. 

Performance innovations include:

  • Proven technologies for better speech understanding
  • Automatic adjustments for any setting
  • Top advancements for hearing in noise, on the phone, and in water
  • Most comprehensive wireless connectivity accessory collection
  • Groundbreaking innovations in hearing with two ears
Hear Your Best in Real-World Surroundings

Independent research by Haumann, Büchner, and Lenarz concluded that AB recipients hear speech 150% better in noise and everyday life situations than recipients of competitor devices.4

Hear Your Best in Everyday Situations

In an independent study by experts Spahr, Dorman, and Loiselle, AB outperformed the competition on tests of everyday listening.5 Mean sentence scores in quiet, noise, and a soft level showed that AB users hear two times better than competitor users.

The Most Advanced Technology for Hearing in Noise

An independent study proves that AB recipients hear speech better in noisy situations and group gatherings.6 AB’s unique AutoSound technology automatically adapts to changing listening environments so that you hear your best in everyday settings.

Hear Your Best for Speech Development

An independent study by Bevilacqua et al. concluded that children with AB outperformed children with competitor devices by 62% on tests of auditory and oral language skills during the first six months of implantation.7

Capture the Rhythm

In a multicenter study sponsored by AB, researchers demonstrated that AB recipients listen to music more frequently and enjoy the music-listening experience 2.5 times more than recipients of other cochlear implant systems.6,8

AB is Music to Your Ears

Most of life’s milestones are celebrated with music. Significant hearing loss does not have to prevent you or your child from missing those very special moments. Advanced Bionics technology is designed to help you hear the layers and complexities that make music so textured and rich.

  • T-Mic captures music like a natural-hearing ear and is fully compatible with ear buds like those that come with MP3 players.
  • HiRes Fidelity 120 delivers 120 spectral bands so that you or your child can hear more of the details that are needed for hearing music.
  • ClearVoice is designed to help you understand the lyrics of your favorite songs.
  • AutoSound continually adjusts the volume as you listen, ensuring you don’t miss a single note.
  • Wide IDR (Input Dynamic Range) enables you to hear more sound with less distortion so that it’s easier to hear music and make out lyrics and individual instruments.
  • ComPilot wirelessly streams music from your MP3 player to a hearing aid
    and sound processor or two processors.
  • Phonak TVLink streams high-quality audio directly to your sound processors for
    improved hearing while enjoying your favorite bands on TV.

* Not approved for pediatric patients in the United States.




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