Upgrade Opportunities

Take Advantage of the Latest Innovations for Hearing

Count on new innovations from AB to improve your hearing and quality of life. A cochlear implant system from AB means you benefit from superior internal technology now and external upgradeability for the future, so that your hearing advances as the technology does – without the need for surgery. 

Naída CI Q90

The Naída CI Q90 sound processor from Advanced Bionics provides groundbreaking features that help you to effortlessly hear better in any environment. The industry's most advanced sound processor combines new features not available from any other cochlear implant system, with proven AB solutions, like ClearVoice™ speech enhancement technology, for the best possible hearing wherever you are.

New features introduced with the Naída CI Q90 sound processor:

The StereoZoom feature uses the front and back microphones on both processors to zoom in on a single voice in a noisy environment, so you can chat one-on-one with less effort in extreme noise

The UltraZoom feature uses dual-microphone technology to focus on speech coming from the person in front of you, and is now an automatic feature in the Naída CI Q90


The WindBlock feature automatically reduces wind noise for greater comfort in windy environments like a golf course or the beach


The SoundRelax feature automatically dampens unexpected loud sounds, such as doors slamming or clanging dishes, for a more pleasant listening experience


The EchoBlock feature improves the sound quality in reverberant environments you encounter, like museums, galleries, and places of worship


The new, smaller PowerCel™ 110 Mini and 170 Mini batteries provide extra comfort without compromising battery life


Getting a Naída CI Processor is Easy!

AB Insurance Reimbursement specialists are ready to assist you with insurance coverage for your new Naída CI processor. Payment plans are also available.

Complete your Naída CI order form at MyNaida.com. AB will send your new Naída CI processor directly to you. Your existing processor does not need to be returned. Once you receive your Naída CI processor, contact your clinician to schedule a programming appointment. 

If you have any questions about getting a new Naída CI Q90, please contact your AB representative or customer service.

Chorus™ sound processor

Hear All Day Anywhere
for our First Generation Implants.

We are committed to supporting every Advanced Bionics implant recipient along their hearing journey. 

Chorus™ sound processor

Compatible with all Clarion 1.0/1.2 implants and sound processing strategies (SAS, CIS, MPS).

All Day on a Single Battery Charge
Designed for Excellent Battery Life.

­­­­­­Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

Chorus Battery Charger

Go Anywhere with the Protective Case
Hear and Stream Music While You are Swimming. 

Chorus Clip

Chorus Protective Case

Excellent Speech Understanding in Noise
A Roger-Integrated Sound Processor for our First Generation Implant Recipients Delivering Wireless Connectivity.

Call or email Advanced Bionics today to start your upgrade!

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