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This webpage is dedicated to adults, teenagers and families of young children who are considering a cochlear implant. Here you will find an overview of AB’s unique life-changing technology, useful cochlear implant and related resources, links to other useful information sites, upcoming events and updates from your Advanced Bionics Support and Community Team.

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What is a Cochlear Implant?

Watch the video below to find out how a cochlear implant works.

To learn more about how a cochlear implant works, click here

Introducing Our Latest Technology

AB is proud to be the industry leader in developing reliable, high quality, and sophisticated hearing solutions which open up the world of sound for our wearers around the world. Studies have consistently demonstrated the advantages of AB technology in areas such as speech understanding, voice discrimination, and music recognition and enjoyment.1,2,3

Naída CI M 

Bringing the benefits of Phonak Marvel to CI wearers

Naída™ CI M sound processor offers a powerful hearing experience with excellent sound quality in a variety of situations and built-in connectivity solutions. It provides effortless comfort and convenience  and ultimate ease of use for staying connected throughout the day.

Sky CI M

The world’s first CI sound processor designed with children in mind.

We want to give our children the world. Sky CI™ M gives children a powerful hearing experience, the flexibility for a growing child’s adventures, and the ultimate ease of use for staying connected with their world around them.

HiRes Ultra 3D cochlear implant

Hassle free MRI.

The first-of-its-kind HiRes™ Ultra 3D Cochlear Implant’s innovative multi-magnet assembly provides alignment to a 3D MRI field, allowing adult and paediatric wearers to safely undergo high-resolution imaging, such as 3.0 Tesla MRIs, without any preparation, surgery or head bandaging.

Why Choose an Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant?

Choosing the journey to hearing with a cohlear implant is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make for yourself or your child. The cochlear implant system you decide to choose is an important, lifelong decision that will affect every step of your or your child’s journey to hearing.

At Advanced Bionics, we believe everyone can live without the limitations of hearing loss. Only AB offers the industry’s most advanced technology designed to deliver better hearing performance in the challenging listening environments encountered throughout the day. When you choose an Advanced Bionics cochlear implant system, you or your child will benefit from AB’s unique advantages:

AB's experience in the cochlear implant market

AB's experience in the cochlear implant market

Advanced Bionics is a global leader providing solutions for severe-to-profound hearing loss. For 30 years, AB has removed limitations for those otherwise isolated from the world of sound. Always focused on bringing meaningful change through innovative technology, AB has set the standard for performance, lifestyle support, and access to sound in the field of cochlear implantation. Having implanted over 100,000 ears in over 130 countries and established a track record for developing high-performing, state-of-the-art products, our team of talented scientists, engineers, audiologists and other professionals are driven to succeed, work with integrity, and stay firmly committed to quality.

Advanced Bionics provides a comprehensive range of products designed to meet your needs and your lifestyle. Our cochlear implant system offers more ways to hear than any other CI. And every aspect of your CI has been optimised for clarity, comfort, ease of use, and reliability - allowing you or your loved one to hear their best.

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A hassle-free MRI experience with Ultra 3D Implant

A hassle-free MRI experience with Ultra 3D Implant

We believe that an MRI procedure should be hassle free for you or your child. That is why our innovative multi-magnet assembly in the HiRes Ultra 3D implant provides alignment to the external MRI magnetic field, allowing you safe high-resolution imaging, such as 3.0 Tesla MRIs, without any preparation, surgery or head bandaging. The alignment provided by the multi-magnet assembly ensures that the powerful forces generated during an MRI don't cause any torque, pressure, tugging or discomfort. This means pain free MRI procedures and uninterrupted hearing every time. 

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Surgeons share thoughts on MRI and the Ultra 3D implant

Professional’s Experience with the Ultra 3D Cochlear Implant for MRI

AB's exclusive sound processing technologies

AB's exclusive sound processing technologies

Of all the important features to consider when choosing the right cochlear implant system for you or your child, nothing matters more than the technology you’ll rely on to help you hear your world.

AB offers the most cutting-edge, sophisticated sound processing for high-performance hearing. This upgradeable technology is designed with one unwavering goal in mind: to help you or your child hear your best in virtually any environment, from a quiet office to a loud classroom.

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“The best way to describe the clarity of HiRes vs. Fidelity 120 is comparing it to watching a conventional TV versus a new high-definition TV. I can understand and easily follow the conventional TV, but the high-definition adds elements of detail and sharpness that make it even more rich, lively, and enjoyable. A particularly exciting experience was when I attended a concert and listened to the music. I was amazed at how much better I was able to distinguish between different instruments playing at the same time, along with the vocalists. It was immediately apparent that I was hearing so much more detail with Fidelity 120.”

— Kristin P., implanted age 30

Designed for all your listening needs

Designed for all your listening needs

The acoustics and sounds in the office differ greatly from a walk in the park or dinner at a restaurant. To get the most out of every setting, you need a hearing solution that is built to deliver clear, rich sound in any listening situation. AutoSense OS 3.0 gives you a powerful hearing experience by providing automatic access to a variety of features which customise sound based on your environment. This means you’re hearing your best every moment, every day, no matter where life takes you.

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Automated sound processing for the most challenging environments, AutoSense OS 3.0

Two ears are better than one

Two ears are better than one 

Whether it's two CIs or one CI and a hearing aid, AB's partnership with Phonak means you'll hear your best with both ears. 

Dedicated to adults and children with no usable hearing in one ear and some in the other, the combination of a Marvel Cl and a compatible Phonak hearing aid can help you or your child enjoy a more powerful connection to the world. Combining the unique and dynamic duo of Naida CI M and the Phonak Link M maximises the benefit of hearing with both ears compared to any other solution on the market. Hearing with both ears provides a better sense of where sounds are coming from, allows you or your child to hear better in noisy situations, and makes hearing less tiring.4,5,6

The Benefits of Bimodal Hearing

-          Enjoy conversations even in challenging listening situations

-          Two devices designed to communicate and work together

-          Stream audio to both ears

-          Adjust both devices with a single control

-          A dynamic and integrated system

-          Matching colours (where available)

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Wireless Connectivity: Direct music and audio streaming

Wireless Connectivity: Direct music and audio streaming

Life today is about connections, and that’s only becoming more important as technology advances. With Naída CI M, you can enjoy simple, effortless wireless connectivity to all your favourite devices.

Once connected, you can experience excellent hearing in the workplace, enhanced sound of your favourite shows and music, and direct connections with family and friends over the phone or on video chat. The integration of Bluetooth and Phonak Roger accessories means that navigating these connections is easy and intuitive.

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Fully Integrated Wireless Connectivity

Unlike any other cochlear implant platform, Naída CI M and Sky CI M offers the ability to stream calls and audio directly from virtually every smartphone and Bluetooth®-enabled device. 

Built-In Connectivity Means Living In The Moment

Marvellous Microphones

Marvellous Microphones 

Marvel CI offers unique microphone options to ensure the system continues to provide you with the best sound in every eventuality, even when the processor needs to be worn off the ear.

AB is the only company to offer the patented T-Mic microphone placed at the opening of the ear cancal. Compared to behind-the-ear, this strategic placement utilises the outer ear's natural sound-gathering capabilities, just like typical-hearing ears. The result is better, more effortless hearing for your child or you in noise. 7

Delivering the industry’s only headpiece-integrated microphone, AB allows you to wear the processor off the ear in the preferred location for any activity and still have optimal sound quality for outstanding hearing!

AB's AquaMicTM headpeice is the world's only waterproof sound processor microphone. This let's you enjoy an intense workout or pool party, keeping you a part of the conversation in either setting. 

Ear-to-Ear communication for best sound

Ear-to-Ear communication for best sound

Marvel CI  provides exclusive Phonak Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ to help you hear speech better in noise and on the telephone, and take the strain out of conversations.8,9,10  You also have access to Phonak accessories that allow you to wirelessly stream music, phone calls, TV shows, and endless other media to one or two Naída CI M or Sky CI M processors or a processor and a Phonak Link M hearing aid at the same time, for the best sound.

Best sound in and around water – the waterproof battery

Best sound in and around water – the waterproof battery

So many of our favourite activities take place in active settings—swimming, gardening, sports, and exercise classes. Our waterproof battery gives you the same great hearing while you enjoy even the most rugged activities, all while providing secure, worry-free wearing. Plus AB's AquaMic™ headpiece is the world's only waterproof sound processor microphone, which lets you enjoy sports and swimming, whilst keeping you or your child a part of the conversation.

At Advanced Bionics it is our mission to enable those with cochlear implants to live a life without limitations. As such, in the UK we have a special kit option to allow children who are implanted bilaterally with Advanced Bionics devices to obtain two of our waterproof batteries so they can enjoy their favourite activities and have a great hearing experience in both ears. For more information on this kit option, talk to your cochlear implant centre or click here to book an appointment to talk to one of our Support and Community Specialists.

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AB Support & Community

At Advanced Bionics we are passionate about providing service and support to individuals and families going through the cochlear implant journey. To be able to fully commit to supporting families, Advanced Bionics UK & Ireland have instituted a dedicated Support and Community team, who have many years’ experience of working in audiology or rehabilitation within the NHS.  The Support and Community team are friendly and knowledgeable and are available to talk to anyone or any families wanting advice on technology, accessories, features, or listening practice resources. To contact our team email hear-uk@advancedbionics.com or click here to book your own meeting.

Meet our AB UK Support and Community Team

AB Provides Lifelong Service and Support

"Everyone we have come into contact with at AB has been nothing less than wonderful. They really care about you and your experiences and are ready to answer any questions that come up. They listen to your concerns and really make you feel like you're not alone and that your feedback matters." - Lisa Cunningham, mother of Liliana, implanted in both ear ears 

AB Support

Advanced Bionics recognises that this is a life-long journey—one on which we’ll accompany you every step of the way. That’s why choosing AB means you’ll have a hearing partner that will never stop looking for ways to ensure you can enjoy a life filled with sound.

Our online rehab portal, HearingSuccess, can help you identify your hearing needs, set goals, and get support. After your implant is activated, you can continue to maximise your success with the portal. You can find all of our rehabilitation and support resources online at HearingSuccess. Register for free to unlock all the resources and to see how they can benefit you and your family.

The myHearingGuide™ app will help you to take the first steps and guide you along your journey towards better hearing. The app will help you and your loved ones to choose the best possible hearing solution, based not only on the level of the hearing loss, but on your needs, wishes and dreams for the future as well. It will also help you set goals, track progress and connect you to useful resources. You can even virtually try on a cochlear implant! You can download the myHearingGuide app for free from the Apple App or Google Play Store.

If you are unsure which resources are best for you and your family, please contact us, or click here to book a virtual (captioned) meeting with one of our Support and Community Specialists.


AB Community

We work closely with a large community of volunteers who are AB cochlear implant wearers or family members of cochlear implant wearers. This fantastically diverse group volunteer their time to support those who are considering a cochlear implant, as well as those newly implanted, and their families. They also run a number of active support groups across the country. If you would like to speak to another cochlear implant wearer or family member, please contact us for more information and we will put you in touch with a member of our AB Community.  Please email hear-uk@advancedbionics.com

AB Cochlear Implant Wearer's Stories 

Listen to our AB cochlear implant wearer's talking about their experience of living with a cochlear implant.

Carole's Story

I feared losing my job. How a Cochlear Implant helped me regain control of my life.


Sam's Story

How I learned to love music again with my cochlear implant.

Discover the Moment of Connection

'The Moment' campaign shares stories of families finding and deepening their connections with each other through the help of AB cochlear implants. Watch the trailer and one of the families' video below. To discover more ‘Moment’ videos click here

The Moment Trailer

When connections to people and the moments we share, is tested due to hearing loss, it affects more than those who’ve lost the ability to experience sound, it also affects their loved ones, and their connection. Feel what it’s like to restore and renew life’s connection to the people and the moments we love.


JP's Moment

This is the story of connection. The connection between soulmates bravely facing the unexpected moments of life together. See what happens when JP hears his story for the first time from the woman who helped him stay committed to making their shared dreams come true.


Useful Resources

Here are some resources you might find useful when considering cochlear implants for yourself, your child or loved one. If you would like your own hard copy of the Leo Gets a Cochlear Implant storybook for your child, please email hear-uk@advancedbionics.com

Product Brochures

Here are some brochures on the latest technology from Advanced Bionics.


We host regular online Communicate with Success (CWS) group events to support anyone considering a cochlear implant and cochlear implant wearers and their families/caregivers. Feedback from a previous event:

 "A very useful session, AB went above and beyond to help. Thank you." 

We also offer one-to-one individual virtual (captioned) meetings. Feedback from a previous one-to-one meeting:

"AB are unfailingly helpful."

To find out when the next Communicate with Success event is, visit our Events page.  Or to book your own meeting with one of our Support and Community Specialists click here.

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