Support While You Wait For Your Cochlear Implant - Oxford 11.01.2022

Calling all patients who have finished their cochlear implant assessment at John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford!

Have you been accepted for a cochlear implant and are waiting for your surgery date? Whilst you are waiting, we are holding an event that is focussed just for you!

Join us and:

Find out more about how you can proactively prepare for your cochlear implant journey

Learn about what you can do in the meantime, what rehab resources are available and local support in the Oxford area

Understand what to expect from your cochlear implant and hear from another cochlear implant users from John Radcliffe on their surgery experience and early CI days

Have an early opportunity to go through the kit and look at the accessory options



*The event is open to anyone awaiting CI surgery. It doesn’t matter which cochlear implant brand you have chosen.



Tuesday 11th January 2022, 2.00-3.00pm



Online Virtual Event via Zoom



Register online at: