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Colour Choices for all Seasons and Styles!

AB’s unique lifestyle™ line of sound processors offer the most flexible wearing styles to suit your life, meet your needs and reflect your own individual personality.

Whether you prefer a range of fun colours and designs that let you make a bold statement, or subtle hues that blend with hair and skin for a more discreet look, AB provides the options you need for the ultimate comfort and confidence.

Colour Caps for Your Headpiece

Both AB’s Universal Headpiece (UHP) and AquaMic™ headpiece come with a range of colour caps. 

Change your colour cap to suit your situation. Wear a bold bright color for a fun night out or daytime activity and a blending colour for work or school. 

Cover Your Neptune™ Processor in Your Favourite Colours

Match the top cover and body cover for a sleek look or mix and match to create your signature style. Neptune Colour Covers are available in a variety of fun and stylish colours, so you can change your colours to match your outfit or express your mood.

If You Can Design it, You Can Wear it!

Choose from a variety of existing Skinit® templates for your sound processor or upload your own custom design. Skins can be applied to your processor and removed or replaced whenever you want to change up your look.

Cover your processor with your school colours, favourite sports team’s logo, favourite flower, animals, cool colour designs, and more!

Skinits are available for Naída CI, Neptune™, and Harmony™ processors. 

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