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Experience 3D Hearing with HiRes Fidelity 120

Designed to provide hearing that closely resembles how a normal ear hears, AB’s HiRes Fidelity 120™ sound processing captures and delivers the full dimension of sound for a more complete hearing experience.

Only HiRes Fidelity 120 offers five times more sound resolution than any other cochlear implant system – 120 spectral bands – to help you or your child hear all the colourful details of sound: birds chirping, rain falling, the various layers of music. And with HiRes Fidelity 120, your child has the opportunity to hear all the details necessary to understand speech and develop strong language skills.

HiRes™ Optima Sound Processing: Great Performance, Longer Battery Life

This new sound processing strategy is designed to optimise battery life while delivering the same great performance of HiRes Fidelity 120 with AB’s unique current steering technology.


“The best way to describe the clarity of HiRes vs. Fidelity 120 is comparing it to watching a conventional TV versus a new high-definition TV. I can understand and easily follow the conventional TV, but the high-definition adds elements of detail and sharpness that make it even more rich, lively, and enjoyable. A particularly exciting experience was when I attended a concert and listened to the music using the Harmony BTE with HiRes Fidelity 120. I was amazed at how much better I was able to distinguish between different instruments playing at the same time, along with the vocalists. It was immediately apparent that I was hearing so much more detail with Fidelity 120.”

— Kristin Pagliuci, implanted age 30

The Significance of Spectral Resolution

Just the way a high-definition television delivers a higher-quality visual picture, HiRes Fidelity 120 is designed to deliver a higher-quality sound representation. The higher the spectral resolution, the better a recipient can hear a frequency or “pitch.” High spectral resolution is particularly important for listening in noisy environments as well as hearing and appreciating music. AB’s HiRes Fidelity 120 delivers the highest spectral resolution – 120 spectral bands for five times more than other brands – to help you hear every word of your important meeting or every note of your favourite song.

What is Spectral Resolution?

Spectral resolution refers to how well the cochlear implant delivers frequency, or “pitch” information, to the inner ear through a proper sound intensity. Typically, cochlear implant recipients hear different pitches when different electrodes are stimulated and when the rate of the stimulation varies. The better the spectral resolution, the better you can hear these pitches for better hearing in noise and music enjoyment. Improved spectral resolution is designed to more closely resemble normal hearing.

Simultaneous Stimulation is the Secret

Other implants use a single current source to stimulate only one electrode at a time, limiting the number of potential spectral bands. Only AB’s HiRes Fidelity 120 has multiple current sources, enabling two or more electrodes to be stimulated at the same time. This simultaneous stimulation allows current to be “steered” between electrodes, resulting in 120 spectral bands of sounds, giving you or your child the opportunity to hear more pitches. Recipients using research software have demonstrated the ability to perceive up to 450 pitches.1

Hear Your Best while Listening to Music

This important study proves that Harmony recipients have the opportunity to hear and enjoy music better than ever before.2,3 HiRes Fidelity 120 sound processing is the only strategy that can implement simultaneous current steering to deliver the dimensions of music (loudness, pitch, timing) for a full musical experience. AutoSound’s programmable wide Input Dynamic Range (IDR) and automatic volume control adjust automatically so that you don’t miss a note. And the naturally placed T-Mic microphone makes it effortless to use your MP3 player. This advanced technology only from AB works in concert so that you can hear your best.

Enjoy Music More with AB

“Current steering (HiRes Fidelity 120)...represents arguably the most exciting development in sound processing strategies since the introduction of the multichannel implant...the ability to perceive music is being increasingly viewed as a pinnacle of achievement that may be possible through cochlear implants.”

— Charles J. Limb, MD; Associate Professor, Department of Otolaryngology, Johns Hopkins Hospital; from Current Opinion in Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, 14:337-340, 2006.4

Hear Your Best with HiRes Fidelity 120


Studies have shown that compared to using other sound processing strategies, AB recipients using HiRes Fidelity 120 hear speech better in noise and experience improvements in music and sound quality.5-7

HiRes Fidelity 120 Compatibility

AB’s HiRes Fidelity 120* strategy is compatible with Naída CI,  Neptune, Harmony and PSP sound processors.


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Thank you for contacting us to assist with your hearing solutions. Count on us—to help you Hear and Be Heard™. A representative from Advanced Bionics will be in touch soon!

If your request needs immediate attention or you have additional questions, please contact info.uk@AdvancedBionics.com.

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