Technology made to fit YOUR Life

Whether you received your hearing devices early, or you’re still new to it all – we’ve got tips and tricks to help you make the most of your cochlear implants. Hear how other teens with hearing devices live their best life and let their stories inspire you to make the most of your hearing journey!


I'm Not All Ears

A website designed for teens by teens

Do you want to be in charge of what you do and do not hear?

Do you want to know what challenges other teens are facing?

Do you want to tell other people (like your parents) how they can help you better?

We all have questions and challenges. That’s why we’re creating a space just for teens like us to connect and share experiences. Just because we have hearing loss, we’re not going to let that define us.

Our motto: Let’s focus on everything we can do (and not what we can’t).

Our site will be filled with tips, facts, info, and much more! Everything is entirely collected and written for you by us (teens with hearing aids and/or cochlear implants).

We are still gathering material and working on completing the site, so have a little patience and all will be revealed to you soon! ☺

"We loved working on ideas for the website. We discussed the design and many video clips in our two weekly groups, we laughed and had a really good time coming up with tips and tricks. We created a website we miss and would like to visit. We hope you too!"

FOMO No More

Never miss a conversation, no matter how loud the setting. Catch all the details of what’s being said even in groups or at parties. Explore every sound and stay connected to all the things that matter to you with the Phonak and AB wireless solutions.


Need More Support?

Need a little more support to help you enhance your communication skills as you go about your day? Find a variety of online activities you can do no matter where you are (in between classes or after school on the sofa) on The Listening Room. Or train to hear the differences between vowels and consonants using the free able CLIX app.



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