Music is an essential part of our lives.

Whether it’s dancing on your wedding day, singing songs at bath time with your baby, or listening to a favorite song on the radio, many of our most treasured memories involve music.

With a variety of technologies and accessories, AB helps you understand lyrics more clearly and hear a wider, richer range of the music you love.

See the joy of these real AB recipients when listening to, dancing to, playing and performing music.

The Innovations:


AB’s HiRes Fidelity 120™* and HiRes™ Optima* sound processing offer five times more sound resolution than any other cochlear implant system. With 120 spectral bands, you hear all the colorful details of sound, including multiple layers of music. 

AB’s sound processing strategies implement simultaneous current steering to deliver the dimensions of music (loudness, pitch, timing) so you can enjoy a full musical experience.


ClearVoice™* speech enhancement technology is the industry’s first and only sound processing innovation that enhances speech understanding. Among the unique advantages ClearVoice offers is the ability to understand song lyrics more clearly, so you can learn and sing along with your favorite songs!


Unlike any other sound processor microphone, AB’s patented T-Mic™ 2 microphone is placed at the opening of the ear canal. This means you can wear headphones and earbuds as you listen to music just like everyone else.

The Accessories:


With the Roger™ system, you can stream crystal clear audio from any cellphone or multimedia player (via the Roger™ Pen or Roger™ Clip-On Mic) to the design-integrated Roger™ 17 receiver. The Roger 17 receiver attaches directly and discreetly to your Naída CI sound processor battery, so the music is streamed directly to your ears without the need for headphones or earbuds.


The ComPilot accessory can also be used to stream music or other audio directly to your Naída CI sound processors, or a Naída CI sound processor and compatible Phonak hearing aid.

Rehabilitation Programs:

Among AB’s wide range of rehAB resources are interactive programs that can help you or your child develop your ability to appreciate listening to music with your cochlear implants.

The ListeningRoom™ rehabilitation website is a one-of-a-kind, feature-rich website that delivers dynamic rehab exercises tailored for all ages and levels of hearing loss. The exercises include a number that focus on developing music appreciation.

Musical Atmospheres is an online, interactive program for teenagers and adults that helps you explore all aspects of music and establish a firm foundation for musical memory.

Baby Beats™ early intervention resource provides a journey of sound, music, and voice to help little ones learn to listen and communicate. The program uses music, instruments, toys, and pictures to develop communication through musical activities.

* Not approved for pediatric use in the United States

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