Naída CI Q30 Sound Processor

Setting the Bar

The Naída CI Q30 sound processor from Advanced Bionics provides groundbreaking features that help you to effortlessly hear in any environment. The technologies of AB and Phonak, the innovation leaders in cochlear implants and hearing instruments, have evolved to provide advantages no other manufacturer can match.

Performance innovations include:

  • Proven superior hearing in noise1, on the phone, and in the water
  • Automatic system that allows you to hear your best wherever you go 
  • Unequaled waterproof accessories for uncompromised hearing anywhere
  • Comprehensive range of wireless technologies for streaming audio

Bring on the Automation — Set it and Forget it

As you move through your day, you experience many different sound environments. With AutoSound™ technology, your Naída CI Q30 adapts to the sound around you so you hear your best without having to change programs or adjust any settings.

  • Hear speech clearly, with less distracting background noise
  • Enjoy music and understand song lyrics

Discover the industry-leading features and accessories of the Naída CI Q30 sound processor

Sound Enhancement Technology

Phone Technology

Wireless Connectivity

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Waterproof Technology

Colour Options for Naída CI Q30 Sound Processor

Silver Gray

Sand Beige

Velvet Black


On-the-Ear and Off-the-Ear

Clips and Earhook options

*Not all products listed are available in all territories and not all features are available in all devices




Quick A, Koch DB, Osberger MJ. HiResolution with Fidelity 120 Sound Processing: Listening Benefits in CII and HiRes 90K Implant Users. Poster Presentation at the Conference on Implantable Auditory Prostheses, July 15-20, 2007, Lake Tahoe, CA.

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