AIM—Active Insertion Monitoring

Fast, Objective, Convenient

As surgeons, audiologists, and hearing care professionals, you want the best for your patients.

That's why we developed the AIM system to help you better serve your patients during surgery and beyond.

Real-time Monitoring During CI Surgery

Surgeons have no objective means of monitoring the function of the cochlea during electrode insertion.

The AIM system can help. It uses the implant to measure electrocochleography, or ECochG, potentials generated by the inner ear and the auditory nerve in response to acoustic stimuli.

This continuous and real-time measurement during electrode insertion can provide invaluable feedback to the surgeon.

Automated Objective Audiometry

At the click of a button, It can perform objective audiometry from 250 Hz to 4000 Hz in seconds using the patient’s implant. This objective measurement requires no patient collaboration, making it especially useful when working with younger or harder-to-test patients.

Comprehensive Objective Measurements Suite

Designed for intra-operative and post-operative clinical use by surgeons and audiologists, the AIM system can even perform quick NRI, ESRT, Impedance measurements. And just like objective audiometry, these measures can also be conducted quickly and without requiring patient interaction.

Easy data sharing for clinic efficiency, collaboration, and research

The modern and intuitive user interface makes the AIM system easy to use by any trained hearing healthcare professional. When the testing is done, the data can be exported, reviewed, or shared easily.

Experience what AIM can do for you

Contact your Advanced Bionics representative to schedule a demo with AIM during your next surgery.

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