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BEA mentors spread awareness and encourage others to discover a new world of sound. There are many ways to get involved. All it requires is a willingness to connect to people looking for information and support. Connect by email from your home; through one-on-one communication with our online community, HearingJourney; or attend BEA gatherings. 

Time commitments are flexible and up to you. As a BEA Mentor, you’ll develop strong connections to your Bionic Ear family and be able to participate in social events and mentor recognition programs. But most importantly, you will be touching the life of someone who longs to hear again or for the first time.


As a mentor, you can:

  • Help spread awareness about bionic ear technology
  • Connect people with hearing loss to BEA services and AB technology
  • Share your personal experiences with AB cochlear implants and services
  • Be part of the largest online community of cochlear implant recipients and candidates
  • Be an active participant in events in your area

Becoming a mentor is easy; simply complete the online form. You will be contacted by a BEA staff member to get you started!

For more information about the BEA: Call 866.844.4327 or email

“Being a BEA Mentor is important to me because I want to share my hearing story with everyone so they can see, hear, and feel the difference it has made in my life and they can walk away thinking that it can and will make the same difference in their life.”

— Debbie Quinn, implanted at age 39

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Formularen er blevet indsendt!

Tak, fordi du kontaktede os for at få hjælp til at finde den rette høreløsning for dig. Du kan trygt stole på os. Vi er et fællesskab bestående af specialister og brugere af cochlear implantater, og vi er parate til at hjælpe dig med at høre og blive hørt. Du vil snart blive kontaktet af en medarbejder fra Advanced Bionics.

Hvis din henvendelse haster, eller hvis du har yderligere spørgsmål, kan du kontakte os på adressen
Ring til:  0045 6342 4252


Telefon eller sms: +45 6122 5928

I tidsrummet:
Mandag-torsdag kl. 08:00-16:00
Fredag kl. 08:00-16:00

Vi sidder klar til at hjælpe dig

Vores team består af ansvarsfulde specialister og dedikerede frivillige, som hjælper dig og din familie med information, oplæring og hjælp til at vælge, anskaffe og leve med cochlear implantater.

AB's fortrolighedserklæring Hos AB værner vi om dit privatliv. Vi vil aldrig sælge eller videregive personlige oplysninger til en tredjepart med henblik på markedsføring.