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What’s Life Like with a Cochlear Implant? Ask a Mentor!

There are people and tools to support your hearing journey with cochlear implants

With cochlear implants, you can’t “try it before you buy it.” So, it’s helpful to hear from others who have gotten a CI, and learn from their first-hand experiences.

When you choose Advanced Bionics, you will never be alone on your CI journey. There’s a large network of people and families who hear and live with cochlear implants. Many of them are volunteer CI mentors who are more than happy to connect with you and share their experiences. Let us help you connect to a mentor!

A powerful sense of community

Join a network of CI wearers just like you. We have several online resources and communities to support you on your journey to better hearing.

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Speak with a mentor who’s gone through the process of getting a CI themselves.

The #1 online cochlear implant community.

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"There are people that are willing to listen, share, and possibly give you the answer that you’ve been looking for."
– Jack Leisure, CI mentor

AB Connections blog

Powerful stories and information on CIs and hearing loss.

Our blog posts are stories written by people with cochlear implants and parents of kids with CIs. You’ll also find helpful articles on hearing loss and cochlear implant technology.

Featured Blog Posts
Why I wish I had gotten cochlear implants sooner
Why I wish I had gotten cochlear implants sooner
I received my first cochlear implant (CI) in 2013 in my left ear and in 2018 in my right ear. But I wish I had gotten them sooner. I learned that this is a feeling shared by most people with CIs. When I asked why they waited, they said it was because all the unknowns of a CI overwhelmed them when making this decision.
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Taking On Hollywood With My Cochlear Implant
Taking On Hollywood With My Cochlear Implant
J.P. Giuliotti is an accomplished American actor who also happens to be a cochlear implant recipient. His most recent role was on HBO’s hit show Room 104, where his CI was prominently visible, making him one of the first representatives of CI recipients on popular television. He shares with us how hard work and persistence lead him to success, despite this perceived disability.
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Getting Ready for College in the Time of COVID-19
Getting Ready for College in the Time of COVID-19
Having had a cochlear implant since I was thirteen months old, hearing and living with one is all I know. Now, at nineteen years old, I use a Naída Q90 in my right ear and a Naída Link CROS in my left. For those unfamiliar with CROS, it is a small hearing aid-like device that that I wear on my non-implanted left ear. It picks up sound from that side and delivers it to the sound processor on my right. This way, I can hear from all around me. I am currently attending Northern Arizona University, and come this Fall, I will be a sophomore.
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Discover the moment of connection

Listen to people who hear with AB cochlear implants, and their loved ones, as they share heartfelt stories.

AB regularly hosts local and virtual events for people and families interested in and hearing with cochlear implants.

These can be helpful talks for you to learn more about the latest hearing technology, or fun gatherings to meet other people like you and your family. 

Explore our calendar to find upcoming events near you.