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Chorus Sound Processor

Hear all day anywhere

The Chorus sound processor is designed for our first generation cochlear implants.

chorus sound processor
chorus sound processor frontal view
side view of chorus sound processor
side view of chorus sound processor

Go all day on a single battery charge

"The upgrade to the Chorus has made my hearing experience almost complete. The sound I’m hearing now is very close to what I remember prior to my deafness...The power supply of the Chorus enables me to hear all day without having to change batteries."

– Marvin Lucas, retiree

chorus rechargeable li on battery and battery charger

The Chorus rechargeable battery was designed to give you the confidence to go all day on a single charge. This way, you don’t have to worry about inconvenient battery changes.

Go anywhere with the protective case

The Chorus Protective Case lets you enjoy waterproof hearing. You can now hear and stream music while swimming and go anywhere with lots of water, mud, and dirt.

Chorus also comes with a clip that gives you easy access to the controls. You can even detach the battery without removing the clip.

chorus sound processor on chorus clip
chorus protective case

Excellent speech understanding in noise

"My favorite Chorus feature is the Roger system and the compatibility to connect with Bluetooth devices. Also being able to connect with music via a Bluetooth device and the flexibility of having a waterproof kit for pool time with the family."

– David Cluff, Website & Digital Marketing Consultant

Photo of a Phonak Roger device

Chorus integrated Roger™ Technology helps you understand speech better in noise and over distance.1,2 The Roger wireless microphone can transmit a speaker’s voice directly to the Chorus sound processor and into your ears so you can hear better even in challenging situations.

Updating your processor to Chorus may be covered by your insurance. Contact AB’s Upgrade Specialists to learn how to hear all day, anywhere with Chorus.

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  2. Thibodeau, Linda M., and Lauren Schaper (2014). Benefits of digital wireless technology for persons with hearing aids. Seminars in Hearing. Vol. 35. No. 03. Thieme Medical Publishers.