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Cochlear implants in adults with severe and profound hearing loss.

Know Your Options 

There’s a hearing solution for every kind of hearing loss. For adults with mild-to-moderate hearing loss, hearing aids can be a great help. But when your hearing loss is severe or more complex, you may need a more advanced solution, such as an Advanced Bionics cochlear implant. 

Learn more about hearing loss and answer a few questions to see if a cochlear implant can help you.

diagram how a ci works marvel in velvet black and hires ultra 3d

Cochlear Implants Work Differently Than Hearing Aids

hires ultra 3d with hifocus slimj electrode

More than just helping you hear again, AB cochlear implants are sturdy, flexible, and smart. They adapt automatically to help you hear your best throughout your day, wirelessly connect to all your devices, and even allow you to hear in and around water. 

Learn how AB cochlear implants work and how they can connect you to the world around you and the ones you love.

AB has given me a world of hearing that I never knew existed.

"I am so glad I chose Advanced Bionics for its technology. AB has given me a world of hearing that I never knew existed, and it has never left me behind as its technology improved, as hearing aids did so long ago."

– Melinda Hayden, retiree and AB CI Mentor

Adult Cochlear Implant Surgery & Activation

Unlike hearing aids, cochlear implants require surgery. And the journey to better hearing with a CI is a process, not an instant fix. As you get used to hearing and living with your cochlear implant over time, Advanced Bionics will always be there to help. 

Learn more about cochlear implant surgery, activation, and resources available to set you up for success.

Taking the Leap with Cochlear Implants

Be your authentic self with Marvel cochlear implant systems 
– Rebecca Alexander, author, advocate, and psychotherapist