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Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant Support

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Whether you’re just starting to learn about cochlear implants or you’ve been hearing with AB CIs for years, we’re always here for you.

Upgrade to the latest technology

At AB, our promise to you is that as as technology improves, so will your hearing. So if you are already hearing with AB cochlear implants, learn about the latest CI technology that could take your hearing to the next level.

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Reimbursement and insurance

Did you know that cochlear Implants are often covered by Medicare and many private insurance companies?

The cost of a  cochlear implant will vary based on your personal health plan. Contact your insurance company or AB’s Insurance Reimbursement Services to find out your specific coverage for cochlear implants and technology upgrades.


Contact AB’s Insurance Reimbursement Services at
1.877.779.0229 or

*Cochlear implants are covered for Medicare beneficiaries who meet the CMS criteria for coverage, and coverage for adult Medicaid recipients varies according to state-specific guidelines.  

Cochlear implant support, service, & FAQs

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