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Introducing Marvel CI

  • Direct connectivity with virtually any Bluetooth® device
  • Ergonomic sound processor design
  • Slimmer headpiece
  • RogerDirect™ feature — no need for separate receiver
  • Waterproof battery
  • Uniquely designed to pair with the Phonak™ Naída Link M hearing aid
  • Discreet control with the AB Remote App available for iOS* and Android** devices
  • Hands-free phone calls

Naída™ CI M Sound Processor (for Adults)

Ultimate Ease of Use

To get the most out of every situation, AutoSense OS™ 3.0 operating system automatically senses the listening situation you are in and makes the appropriate adjustments instantly. This is designed to help you hear your best throughout the day, and eliminate the need for constant manual adjustments.

Sky CI™ M Sound Processor (for Kids)

The World's First Dedicated Sound Processor for Children

From the sounds in a classroom to the acoustics in a movie theater, your child will find themselves in many different listening environments on a daily basis. AutoSense Sky OS 3.0 automatically senses the sounds in your child’s environment, then instantly makes the appropriate adjustments. This is designed to help them hear their best throughout the day, and also to eliminate the need for constant manual adjustments.

Flexibility For Your Growing Child’s Adventures

The sound processor and headpiece on our Sky CI M are designed for maximum comfort and secure fit, because the last thing you should be thinking about when your child is diving into the pool or sprinting down the soccer field is the stability of their device. With Sky CI M, the focus will be where it should be—on perfect splashdowns and scoring goals.

Waterproof Battery for Marvel CI

For Use with Naída CI M and Sky CI M

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*iPhone 5s and newer (iOS 11 or newer)

**Google Mobile Services

(GMS) certified Android devices supporting Android 6.0 or newer

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