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Linked Two-Ear Solutions

Personalize a linked two-ear solution for the most natural way to hear with cochlear implants.

Marvel from ear to ear

With the world of sound all around us, hearing well from both ears at the same time makes each moment feel more complete. When we hear with two hearing devices that work together, we're able to enjoy richer and clearer sound. For people hearing in stereo again, or for the first time, linked two-ear solutions can be life-changing, offering the most flexible and natural way to hear.

Linked two-ear solutions by Marvel are unlike any other on the market. That’s because AB and our sister company Phonak work together to create hearing devices that are designed to communicate and work together as a pair. They are built on the same technology, enabling them to share sound processing and wireless connectivity features like no other.

  • Enjoy conversations even in challenging listening situations
  • Adjust both devices with a single control
  • Stream audio to both ears*
  • Matching colors**

Only AB offers a linked two-ear solution for every CI wearer. Depending on your hearing loss and needs, we have the ideal solution for you.


*When paired with another Marvel CI or Phonak Link M hearing aid
**Where available

Two Marvel CIs

If your doctor recommends two cochlear implants, two Marvel CIs offer the best stereo hearing for children or adults with severe to profound hearing loss in both ears. Hearing with two cochlear implants can help you know where sounds are coming from, understand speech better in noisy places, and make hearing less tiring.1,2,3

two marvel cochlear implants

I’m using both ears together, and the result is almost magical. When both ears are ‘on,’ my brain produces this amazing fullness and richness of sound that my one ear alone never quite gave me.

— Jacob Landis, cyclist and advocate, hears with two AB cochlear implants

Marvel CI + Phonak Link M Hearing Aid

If you need a CI in one ear and a hearing aid in the other, there’s no better choice than an AB and Phonak combination. You can enjoy a better sound quality, stream phone calls and music to both ears, and even control both devices with a single button.

Note: Advanced Bionics cochlear implants are indicated with severe to profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss (≥ 70 dB HL) and for pediatrics with profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss (≥ 90 dB HL).

1  Phonak Link M Hearing Aid           Marvel CI          3  Cochlea

Marvel CI + CROS

If you hear with a cochlear implant in one ear but do not have any hearing in your other ear, you are only hearing half of your world. The CROS collects the sounds from one side and sends it to the Marvel CI on your other ear. This way, you can hear voices and sounds on both sides, and follow conversations without having to turn your head, even when it gets noisy.

marvel ci and cros product
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