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The Phonak + AB Advantage
Hearing Loss Solutions

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The clear choice for hearing with two ears

As a part of the Sonova group, Advanced Bionics works closely with our sister brand Phonak, the world’s largest maker of hearing aids. We share our research, technology, and expertise. So, when you choose AB, you are actually choosing two of the world’s leaders in hearing solutions.

Together, AB and Phonak offer hearing aids, cochlear implants, accessories, and comprehensive rehab tools that will meet your or your child’s hearing needs, no matter the hearing loss. After all, we firmly believe that well-hearing is well-being.

Solutions for any degree of hearing loss

AB cochlear implants and Phonak hearing aids are designed to work together. They are the only hearing aid and cochlear implant system built on the same technology, enabling them to share sound processing and wireless connectivity features like no other. 

This means if you need a CI in one ear and a hearing aid in the other, there’s no better choice than an AB and Phonak combination. You can enjoy a better sound quality, stream phone calls and music to both ears, and even control both devices with a single button.

If you’re already using Phonak hearing aids but they’re no longer enough, moving to an AB cochlear implant will be that much easier, because they share so many of the same features.

Note: Advanced Bionics cochlear implants are indicated with severe-to-profound bilateral sensorineural deafness or severe-to-profound unilateral hearing loss for adults and paediatrics.

marvel ci with phonak link and cros in velvet black

My AB processor and my Phonak Link hearing aid provide a streaming stereo sound that I enjoy when listening to music.

“My AB processor and my Phonak Link hearing aid provide a streaming stereo sound that I enjoy when listening to music. Plus, I can steer the microphones on both devices at the same time, I can tune out what I don't want to hear and I can focus on the sounds I want to hear.”

– Jack Leisure, veteran and photographer

Accessories and hearing rehab

The path to better hearing is a journey. To help you get the most out of your hearing devices, Phonak + AB offers a wide range of hearing exercises that you can do at home in your own time. The Hearing Success tool is designed by experts to help your brain adjust to hearing with cochlear implants or hearing aids.

Besides hearing devices, Phonak and AB also offer a range of accessories to give you an extra boost when you need it. For example, only Marvel CI works with the Phonak Roger On remote microphone without an extra receiver, which can help you hear speakers that are much farther away. 

phonak roger on

The partnership with Phonak is a great partnership for the patients.

– Meghan Despotidis, Au.D., Clinical Audiologist