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Cochlear Implants and Technology Advancements

Advanced Bionics cochlear implant

AB has always been a pioneer in cochlear implant technology.

With each new implant design, we focus on protecting the delicate inner ear, durability over time, and delivering the best possible sound.

HiRes Ultra 3D

The HiRes Ultra 3D is Advanced Bionics’ best and most reliable cochlear implant. It’s built to give you or your child all of the details (loudness, pitch, and time) you need to enjoy a world of sound. It’s also future-proof, allowing you to hear better as technology improves over time.

What sets the HiRes Ultra 3D apart from other implants is the ability to adapt for MRI testing without limitations.   

Photo of a Phonak Roger device

Earlier cochlear implants from Advanced Bionics

 HiRes Ultra (V2)

Introduced in 2016, the HiRes Ultra is thinner than all our previous implants. It exceeds industry standards for impact resistance, and has made some MRI scans possible without the need to remove the magnet.

Photo of a Phonak Roger device

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