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Connect with the moments you love. 

Sound connects us. It lets us build strong relationships with the ones we love. 
Naída CI M is a user-friendly, powerful cochlear implant sound processor designed to help you stay connected. 

Naída CI M Overview

Marvel at the possibilities. 

Powerful Hearing Experience icon

Powerful Hearing Experiences 
Marvel is AB's best performing CI system available.*

Universal Bluetooth Connectivity 
Directly connect to any Bluetooth®**-enabled device. 

2-Ear Hearing icon

Marvel from Ear to Ear 
Personalize a linked two-ear solution for a richer hearing experience. 

*When used together with HiRes Ultra/Ultra 3D cochlear implant
**The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Sonova AG is under license.

naida ci m in color velvet black

How It Works

Naída CI Marvel and HiRes Ultra 3D implant work together to help you hear your best.

diagram how a ci works

  1. The microphones capture sound waves that pass through the air.
  1. The sound waves are converted into detailed digital information by the sound processor.
  1. The magnetic headpiece sends the digital signals to the implant.
  1. The implant takes the digital signal and directs the electrode array to send a signal to the hearing nerve.
  1. The hearing nerve sends impulses to the brain, where they are interpreted as sound.

As a patient, the Marvels have been life-changing for me.

"As a patient, the Marvels have been life-changing for me. I mean, I went from being a good user to being a very, very good user. Just last night I was talking in the hotel lobby with stone floors and lots of echoes. And the guy that I was talking to was leaning in. I'm just talking at a voice level that seems normal to me and he's having problems hearing….I think that the mental effort that I have to spend to hear has gone down dramatically and is probably much closer to normal hearing than it was before."

– Chad Ruffin, MD, ENT surgeon who hears with Marvel CIs

Why Choose Marvel CI

The soundtrack of your life is uniquely yours. Although each person thinking about getting a cochlear implant has their own specific hearing goals, they all want to change their life for the better. If what you want most is to hear better, Naída CI Marvel is the most performance-focused CI system available.*

The artificial intelligence-powered AutoSense OS 3.0 lets you experience speech clarity in crowded places and enhanced sound quality for music.

  • Naída CI M automatically senses the sound and setting you are in, adjusts your CI settings instantly and automatically.
  • Naída CI M reduces background noise and helps you focus on what you want to hear, in every hearing environment.

Naída CI Marvel gives you the ability to seamlessly connect with the people, places, and things in your world without limitations.

  • Use your Naída CI M like a headset to stream sounds from smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, game consoles, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device.
  • Enjoy hands-free phone calls with the conversation streamed directly to your ears.
  • Instead of needing to travel to a clinic, the AB Remote Support application lets you meet with your audiologist via smartphone from anywhere.
  • In fact, an independent firm has recognized Marvel CI to be the most convenient sound processor for professionals and recipients.*

No matter what your level of hearing loss, linked two-ear solutions provide a richer and clearer sound quality and a more natural 360-degree hearing experience.

  • Linked two-ear solutions by Marvel are unlike any other on the market, with hearing devices that are designed to communicate and work together as a pair.
  • Whether it’s cochlear implants, hearing aids, or CROS, we have the ideal two-ear solution for you.

*Data on file: D000033020

Marvel CI gave me access that I didn’t have before.

Watch Rebecca’s inspiring story of overcoming progressive hearing loss and thriving with Marvel CI.

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