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Connect with the moments you love. 

Connections help us grow. Help your child connect to their world with Sky CI M—the world’s only sound processor designed for children. 

Sky CI M is the world’s first dedicated children’s cochlear implant sound processor. 

Sky CI M Overview

Marvel at the possibilities. 

Powerful Hearing Experience icon

Powerful Hearing Experiences 
Sky CI M offers excellent sound quality in a variety of situations and built-in connectivity solutions.  

Flexibility for your child’s growing adventures 
Our sound processor and headpiece are designed for a comfortable, secure, and discreet fit. 

2-Ear Hearing icon

Marvel from Ear to Ear 
Personalize a linked two-ear solution for a richer hearing experience. 

sky ci m and uhp in color caribbean pirate

How It Works

Sky CI M and our HiRes Ultra 3D implant work together to help your child hear their world. 

diagram how it works sky ci in color caribbean pirate and ultra 3d

  1. The microphones capture sound waves that pass through the air. 
  1. The sound waves are converted into detailed digital information by the sound processor.  
  1. The magnetic headpiece sends the digital signals to the implant.  
  1. The implant takes the digital signal and directs the electrode array to send a signal to the hearing nerve.  
  1. The hearing nerve sends impulses to the brain, where they are interpreted as sound.  

Explore Sky CI M Colors

sky ci m in color precious pink
sky ci m in color caribbean pirate
sky ci m in color blue ocean
sky ci marvel in color majesty purple

Her implants transformed her entire life, not just her hearing.

“AB’s cochlear implant technology not only gave Bina the ability to hear, but it gave her the ability to speak, express herself, form relationships, become employed, and have a bright future. In other words, her implants transformed her entire life, not just her hearing.” 

– Bill Treasurer

Why Choose Sky CI M

From understanding language to developing social skills, from playing sports to enjoying music, Sky CI M can ensure your child connects to all that life has to offer. 

Sky CI M combines technology from AB and Phonak Sky, the world’s leading hearing aid for kids. It’s designed to give your child amazing sound quality and hearing performance. 

  • AutoSense Sky OS 3.0 customizes sound based on your child’s environment, so they can hear their best every moment, every day. 
  • Universal Bluetooth connectivity lets your child connect to all their favorite devices from smartphones to game consoles. 
  • Built-in Roger receiver helps them excel in the classroom. 

The best childhood moments take place in active settings—bath time, swim class, hikes, sports, and pool parties. Sky CI M and our headpieces are designed for maximum comfort and secure fit, no matter what your child is busy with.  

  • Our waterproof battery and Slim HP AquaMic™ deliver great hearing performance even in the most rugged childhood activities. 
  • Different wearing options can be customized as your child grows.

As your child grows, they’re listening to learn. So, it’s important that they can hear well from both sides. Linked two-ear solutions provide a richer and clearer sound quality and a more natural 360-degree hearing experience.

  • Linked two-ear solutions by Marvel are unlike any other on the market, with hearing devices that are designed to communicate and work together as a pair. 
  • Whether it’s cochlear implants, hearing aids, or CROS, Marvel has a linked two-ear solution for your child’s hearing loss based on your doctor’s recommendations.

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I watched my boy be a boy, full of excitement with no restrictions. Free.

"I watched you be drawn to the music like a moth to a flame. This time, my tears were of joy because I knew, because of your cochlear implants, you could hear the music as well as feel it.... And I watched my boy be a boy, full of excitement with no restrictions. Free."

– Sean Wilkinson, father to Percy, who hears with two AB CIs

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