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Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant Sound Processor Portfolio 

Support, resources, and upgrade opportunities for AB CI recipients 

Marvel CI is AB’s newest and most advanced cochlear implant sound processor. 

Powerful and durable, it also offers universal Bluetooth® connectivity to all your favorite devices.

Naída CI Marvel sound processor in Silver Gray

The Bluetooth technology has given me a lot of my life back...

"The Bluetooth technology has given me a lot of my life back, it's given me a lot of this sort of pop culture that I sort of tuned out because it was just too much to try to follow. And now I just stream myself into anything, I can listen to podcasts, I can really feel like I have access in ways that I didn't before."

– Rebecca Alexander on upgrading to Marvel CI

"I see that they're just more relaxed. There's not as much effort into what they have to listen to. One of my patients who recently upgraded to Marvel, she came back and told me that she could finally hear what her children are saying in the back seat of the car and feels included in their commute."

– Meghan Despotidis, AuD, Clinical Audiologist on her patients who upgraded to Marvel CI

I see that they're just more relaxed.

A product shot of the Naida Q90

Naída CI Q90

The Naída™ CI Q was the first sound processor developed together with our sister brand, Phonak. It features technologies exclusively available from Advanced Bionics and Phonak.

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