Welcome to the world of powerful connections.

Sound connects us. At Advanced Bionics, we believe everyone can enjoy a life filled with sound. For over 30 years, we’ve been creating leading cochlear implant solutions that help people hear again, or for the first time.


When you still have trouble hearing with hearing aids, cochlear implants may be the answer.

Smart, powerful, and flexible, AB cochlear implant systems are made to fit into your life.


Cochlear implants from AB are one of the most effective solutions for children with hearing loss. As your child grows, their AB CI will help them learn to talk, make friends, do well in school, and have fun.


"The CI offers an improvement and superiority more dramatic and fundamental than is imaginable with a hearing aid.... How the human ear works is one of God’s most intricate and incredible creations. When we lose it, it’s nearly impossible to replicate through technology. But I feel that through their partnership with Phonak, AB’s CI gets pretty close."

JinMing Zhang, Project Manager

"This time my tears were of joy because I knew, because of your cochlear implants, you could hear the music as well as feel it. You danced on that dance floor by yourself for ten minutes, and I watched my boy be a boy."

Sean Wilkinson, Father to Percy

"I was one of the first people in the world to receive an AB CI, and as time has passed, my hearing has progressively improved as the technology improved. As amazed as I was about how much my very first CI helped me, I continue to be impressed that even more doors have opened for me over time along this journey."

KaRon Michael, Teacher

Talk to people who hear with CIs, or find tools to help practice hearing. We’re here for you.


MARCH 1, 2023

Advanced Bionics is Celebrating 30 Years of Powerful Connections

In 1993, there were only 623 internet websites. Nelson Mandela won the Nobel Peace Prize and the European Union was founded in Maastricht, Netherlands. In the United States, the average gallon of gas was $1.16.

Also in 1993, an physicist, inventor, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist named Alfred Mann founded Advanced Bionics on the outskirts of Los Angeles, California. Since then, AB has created new opportunities for individuals with hearing loss—allowing them to form powerful connections and to live a life without limitations thanks to cochlear implants.

OCTOBER 17, 2022

Advanced Bionics’ President Introduces Historic Marketing Campaign: The Moment

Victoria Carr-Brendel, PhD, President of Advanced Bionics, speaks about the new campaign “The Moment,” designed to showcase the power of cochlear implants in restoring lost connections due to hearing loss, and bringing families closer together. 

OCTOBER 26, 2021

Advanced Bionics Receives 'Hearing Technology Innovator Award' for  SKY CI M in the Cochlear Implants Category

Sky CI Marvel is the world’s first dedicated sound processor for children

Advanced Bionics, a global leader in cochlear implant technology, announced today that it has been recognized with a Hearing Technology Innovator Award for its SKY CI™ M sound processor by Hearing Health & Technology Matters for its technological innovation and achievement in the hearing industry.