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Get Creative With Cochlear Implant Colors & Wearing Options

Marvel CI cochlear implant systems can be customized to your life and your style

Advanced Bionics offers a range of colors and cochlear implant accessories to meet your needs and choices. 

Wearing options for all ages and lifestyles

Our cochlear implant systems can be worn in different ways to fit your or your child’s changing needs. Each wearing style is designed to give the most comfort, convenience, and great hearing performance.

active kid with cochlear implant worn behind the ear

Behind the Ear

Great for those who want an out-of-the-way system.

profile of a child with marvel cochlear implant secured on the ear

Safe on The Ear

Ideal to keep it safe and secure on the ear with our Marvel CI retention options.

a child cochlear implant recipient with marvel ci clipped back of the shirt

Nothing on the Ear

By using a unique microphone in the headpiece, the Marvel CI can be securely tucked away.  This is an excellent choice for active children, those with small ears, or anyone wanting a discreet wearing option.

Did you know that only AB offers a microphone that captures the natural acoustics of the ear? The unique M T-Mic on Marvel CI is proven to help you know where sounds are coming from,1,2,3 give better sound quality, and improve speech understanding in difficult listening situations.4

Even when not using a M T-Mic, AB’s Real Ear Sound can deliver similar T-Mic benefits!

Colors that let your personality shine

Choose from a variety of colors* to suit your or your child’s personality.

If it’s your child’s sound processor, choosing their favorite color will make wearing their device more exciting, and your child may wear it more. This means they’ll get more benefit from their device!

* Not all colors available in all markets.

There's just a different attitude to patients when they choose the fun colors. 

"They seem much more proud of their device. And the hair colors are great and match very well, and most of our patients pick those….Truthfully, the colors help, because it makes it a little bit more of a cool gadget rather than a device."

– Allison Young, Audiologist

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