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Dust-Proof, Shock-Proof & Waterproof Cochlear Implant Systems 

A Waterproof Cochlear Implant Design That’s Ready For Adventures 

So many of our favorite activities take place in active settings—swimming, gardening, sports, and exercise class. Advanced Bionics sound processors and headpieces are designed for a comfortable and secure fit. Because when getting ready for laps in the pool, or lacing up your shoes for a walk, the last thing you should be worrying about is if your device is staying in place. With AB’s waterproof cochlear implant systems, you can just focus on enjoying the activities you love.

Marvel CI Waterproof Battery

Our protective waterproof battery gives you the same great hearing while you enjoy your favorite activities. Just fit your Marvel CI into it, and your sound processor will be fully protected from water, dust, or if you accidentally drop it!

accessory marvel ci waterproof battery closed top view
marvel ci waterproof battery case open view
marvel ci waterproof battery with sky ci m

Did you know that Marvel CI is found by an independent agency to be the industry’s most rugged and most waterproof CI system?1

AquaMic Waterproof Headpiece

AB’s AquaMic is the world’s only waterproof sound processor microphone. Its special design offers the clearest sound in, under, and around water. Wear it together with your sound processor with the M waterproof battery, and you or your child will be ready to get out there!

advanced bionics slim headpiece aquamic

I love my cochlear implants’ waterproof feature

– Shobana, University student

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