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About Advanced Bionics: A Global Leader in Cochlear Implants

With 30 years of expertise in CI technology and services, and partnering with Phonak since 2009, Advanced Bionics develops cutting-edge cochlear implant technology that helps children and adults hear again, or for the first time.  

With operations in over 50 countries, AB’s talented group of scientists and professionals are driven to support the people who hear with our products, and the hearing professionals who serve them.  


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Advanced Bionics headquarters building in Valencia, CA


The Cochlear Implant Innovation Leader 

Advanced Bionics is a global leader in providing solutions for severe-to-profound hearing loss. For 30 years, AB has removed limitations for those otherwise isolated from the world of sound. Always focused on bringing meaningful change through innovative technology, AB has set the standard for performance, lifestyle, and access to sound in the field of cochlear implantation. Having implanted over 100,000 ears in over 130 countries and established a track record for developing high-performing, state-of-the-art products, our team of talented scientists, engineers, audiologists and other professionals are driven to succeed, work with integrity, and stay firmly committed to quality.  

At AB, success begins with a passion for hearing restoration and is driven by our global workforce of over a thousand employees. AB is proud to be the only U.S.-based manufacturer of cochlear implants and equally proud to be a part of the larger Sonova organization. Sonova is a global leader in innovative hearing care solutions: from personal audio devices and wireless communication systems to audiological care services, hearing aids and cochlear implants. Besides AB, Sonova’s other core brands include Phonak, Unitron, AudioNova, Sennheiser (under license) as well as recognized regional brands. The group’s globally diversified sales and distribution channels serve an ever-growing consumer base in more than 100 countries. 


Intrigued by the notion of “helping deaf people hear,” Alfred E. Mann founds Advanced Bionics and appoints Jeffrey H. Greiner to lead an organization of seven engineers and scientists.


Approval from the FDA to market the Clarion™ cochlear implant with pre-formed electrode for use in adults.



Advanced Bionics is acquired by Sonova Holding AG and begins working with Phonak.



Advanced Bionics launches world's first waterproof case for cochlear implant recipients.


Missions and Values

Making a Difference 

At Advanced Bionics, we improve lives by developing technologies and services that help people with significant hearing loss achieve their full potential. We commit to putting our patients first. The trust patients and their hearing care professionals place in us inspires us to act with integrity and transparency as we strive for excellence each and every day in all that we do.  

Commitment to Quality 

AB is committed to a quality system that is comprehensive and unsurpassed in the hearing devices industry. We are implementing new standards of reliability, including rigorous quality testing of products that even exceed international standards.  

World-Class Service

AB’s customer service team is comprised of cochlear implant experts who set the gold standard in customer care. From online resources to a caring and informed service team, patients can count on our support throughout their journey towards better hearing. 

Lifetime Support

AB offers unparalleled support, rehabilitation, and targeted programs that are all designed to help patients hear their best, immediately after implantation, and in the months and years to come. With our partnership with Phonak's Research and Development team, we will always be on the forefront of the latest innovations so that our patients’ hearing can improve as technology advances.


Phonak Naída™ Link hearing aid, the first hearing aid specifically designed to work with a cochlear implant in a bimodal solution. 


HiRes™ Ultra 3D cochlear implant, the implant which offers hassle-free, pain-free MRI compatibility without interrupting hearing. 


AIM™ system, the world’s first commercially available monitoring and objective measurement tool for use during cochlear implant surgery and beyond.


Marvel CI is introduced, including Sky CI M, Naída CI M, and Target CI.



AB introduces CROS & Remote Programming. 

A man and a woman have a video call

We talk about hearing preservation and doing things that we couldn't ever achieve before.

“I think Advanced Bionics takes the tradition of being in Silicon Valley and it imbues the spirit of the tech industry to continually push products forward. And I've seen that over my years as an implant recipient from way back in 1999 until today. And way back in the day, it was just to be able to hear words or sentences a little bit better. And now we talk about music. We talk about hearing preservation and doing things that we couldn't ever achieve before. So I really like the spirit of tech innovation that Advanced Bionics has had.”

– Chad Ruffin, ENT surgeon and AB CI recipient

Phonak and Advanced Bionics 

At Phonak and Advanced Bionics, we believe everyone can experience life’s most essential connections. United by a common purpose, we’re empowering patients by connecting them to the life they want, and to the people they love. 

As two of the world’s largest and most innovative providers of solutions for patients with every type and degree of hearing loss, we’re driving a fully integrated approach that’s pushing the boundaries of what’s possible as no other audiology company can. We offer a comprehensive range of technologies—from hearing aids to cochlear implants to wireless communications solutions—to treat all forms of hearing loss that patients face today. 

We are Phonak and AB. We’re connecting you to life. 



Meet Victoria Carr-Brendel

Victoria Carr-Brendel is the Group Vice President of Cochlear Implants and President of Advanced Bionics at Sonova, and a member of the Sonova management board.

Carr-Brendel holds a Ph.D. in Immunology/Microbiology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has almost 30 years of medical device development experience, having served in multiple leadership roles in different medical device companies. She was keynote speaker at Sonova’s 2019 International Women’s Day, and at MiniTec during the 2021 Medical Device & Manufacturing Expo & Conference. She was one of the Top 25 Woman Leaders in Medical Devices (2022 and 2020), a finalist for LA Times Woman of the Year (2021), and among the Top 25 Medical Device Executives of 2019. She has recently joined the Board of Directors for Vicarious Surgical. She is a board member for the Medical Device Manufacturing Association, and is a member of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering since 2014. 

"We want to make it easier to hear and live with a cochlear implant, and make it easier for hearing care professionals to support those who use cochlear implants.

“I wish you could see AB through my eyes. We are a company passionate about providing the best hearing experience for those with severe and profound hearing loss, allowing them to live a life without limitations. We want to make it easier to hear and live with a cochlear implant, and make it easier for hearing care professionals to support those who use cochlear implants. We see the field transforming, and we want to help drive that transformation through our technology and services. Thank you for learning about AB, I hope we can be partners on this journey together.” 

– Victoria E. Carr-Brendel, Ph.D., Group Vice President (GVP) Cochlear Implants of Sonova and President of Advanced Bionics 


Experience the professional and personal fulfillment that comes with making a difference in people’s lives. At Advanced Bionics, you will contribute to advancing biomedical technology and work on challenging projects with smart, driven, friendly people. Diversity, creativity, and collaboration are the cornerstones of our success.

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