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Managing hearing loss in children.

You’re not alone

Millions of families around the world, just like yours, are going through the same situation. Know that your child’s hearing loss is manageable, and they can live a rewarding life filled with sound.

Learn more about hearing loss in children, and what you can do about it.

Cochlear Implants Can Help Your Child Hear and Learn to Speak

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Cochlear implant (CI) technology is effective and safe, and allows children to hear well throughout the day. They are sturdy and can be adjusted to help as kids grow, allowing a baby to hear their parent's voice or a teenager to stream from the latest songs like their friends. If children do not have access to sounds, they can fall behind in learning to speak and listen. Your child's hearing healthcare team can discuss with you the best time for your child to get a cochlear implant. 

Learn how cochlear implants work and how they can connect your child to the world of sound.

So as soon as we found out...

"When we first learned in the hospital that he had failed his newborn screen, we cried....We kept talking about all of the things that were important to us that he might never have, be able to experience. So as soon as we found out he was eligible for cochlear implants, we knew that's what we wanted to do."

– Meghan Carey, mom of Percy who hears with two AB cochlear implants

What to expect after your child’s implant surgery and activation

Unlike hearing aids, cochlear implants require a surgery. And the journey to better hearing with a CI is a process, not an instant fix. Once you and your child's hearing care team have decided that a cochlear implant can help, your family will be guided through the steps. They will show you how the surgeon will place the implant during surgery, and how your child will learn to hear in a new way.  

Following implantation surgery, your child will be fit with a sound processor and will hear sounds they have never heard before. As your child learns to hear better and better with the implant, Advanced Bionics will always be there to help with support and educational tools.

Learn more about cochlear implant surgery, activation, and tools to help your child succeed. 

audiologist giving hi five to child cochlear implant candidate