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Explore Marvel CI Options Designed to Meet Your Needs and Lifestyle

AB’s Marvel CI offers more ways to hear than any other cochlear implant system. Every part of our CI system has been made for clarity, comfort, ease of use, and reliability—allowing you to hear your best.


Connect with the moments you love with our best performing sound processor Marvel CI.

naida ci m in color velvet black

Naída CI Marvel—Cochlear implant sound processor for adults

sky ci m in color caribbean pirate

Sky CI Marvel—the world’s first CI sound processor designed for children.

chorus sound processor

Chorus—designed for our first generation cochlear implants.

As a patient, the Marvels have been life-changing for me.

"As a patient, the Marvels have been life-changing for me. I mean, I went from being a good user to being a very, very good user. For example, before the Marvels, I could not hear down the hall and overhear conversations with my medical assistant on the phone with one of my patients. The ability to take the front-end processing from Phonak hearing aids and pair it with an implant I think has been a night and day shift for me in terms of my hearing."

– Dr. Chad Ruffin, ENT & CI surgeon, and hears with two AB CIs 


The award-winning cochlear implant designed for you to hear your best.

hires ultra 3d with hifocus slimj electrode

HiRes Ultra 3D—AB's most advanced and reliable cochlear implant


Connect with the moments you love with sound processing designed to fit your hearing needs, wearing options that fit your lifestyle, and connectivity that lets you stream from any Bluetooth®-enabled device.

AB has given me a world of hearing that I never knew existed.

"I am so glad I chose Advanced Bionics for its technology. AB has given me a world of hearing that I never knew existed, and it has never left me behind as its technology improved, as hearing aids did so long ago. I am a fiercely independent person, and AB’s cochlear implants have given me freedom—freedom to hear as I choose!"

– Melinda Hayden, retiree & AB CI mentor


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