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How Cochlear Implants Work
In Children

Cochlear implants are one of the best solutions for children with severe to profound hearing loss.

The Advanced Bionics cochlear implant

A cochlear implant (CI) system has two parts.

These two parts work together to detect sounds around your child and send this information to the hearing nerve. 

One part of the implant system is placed under the skin behind the ear through surgery. Then, an electrode array is placed in the inner ear.  

The second part is worn outside on the ear. It includes a sound processor and a headpiece.


How It Works

Naída CI Marvel and HiRes Ultra 3D implant work together to help you hear your best.

diagram how it works sky ci in color caribbean pirate and ultra 3d

  1. The microphones capture sound waves that pass through the air.
  1. The sound waves are converted into detailed digital information by the sound processor.
  1. The magnetic headpiece sends the digital signals to the implant.
  1. The implant takes the digital signal and directs the electrode array to send a signal to the hearing nerve.
  1. The hearing nerve sends impulses to the brain, where they are interpreted as sound.

High-performance technology for your child 

HiRes Ultra 3D + Sky CI Marvel

Choosing a cochlear implant system is a life-changing decision. With a CI, your child may: 

  • Develop normal hearing, speech, and language skills. 
  • Enjoy listening to music, watching television, chatting on the phone. 
  • Feel included. 
  • Build the skills and confidence that will help them in school and beyond. 
  • Socialize with friends as they grow and mature.

sky ci m and uhp in color caribbean pirate

Sky CI™ Marvel is the world’s first CI sound processor dedicated to children and their needs.

It is designed together with Phonak, the global leader in hearing care for children. Sky CI M offers your child a powerful and flexible hearing solution as they grow.

Our award-winning HiRes™ Ultra 3D cochlear implant is proven to give clearer speech1 and a wider range of sound.2 It is designed to exceed industry standards for impact resistance.3 It’s strong and durable so your child can enjoy life’s adventures—from the playground to the sports field.

When faced with the decision as to which CI company to have in our lives, we didn’t really hesitate when we chose Advanced Bionics. AB had the features that are important to us: technology upgrade anticipation, easy Bluetooth™ connectivity, waterproof options, and compact batteries for Miles’ little ears.  

– Steve Cook, parent of Miles, who hears with two AB cochlear implants

Made for your growing child’s adventures.

AB’s cochlear implant system for children is designed to give your child a great hearing experience wherever they go. It’s also flexible and durable, so it can keep up with your child as they grow.

mother and daughter playing piano laughing

Marvel from ear to ear

Sky CI M is designed to be a solution that lets your child hear well with both ears.

Waterproof and sturdy

Our accessories keep the CI safe so your child can enjoy  bath-times, the pool, and their favorite sports.

MRI safe

Our Ultra 3D implant is safe for MRI scans without head-bandaging or surgery.

Phonak integration

Does your child already use Phonak devices at home or in school? They are likely to work with our CIs too!

Wireless Bluetooth® connectivity

Your child can stream and hear phone calls, podcasts, and teachers’ voices directly to their ear.

Color choices

Let your child pick their favorite color!

What is the success rate of cochlear implants in kids?

For children who qualify, cochlear implants are a highly effective treatment. But how well your child will hear with a cochlear implant is dependent on many individual factors, such as their age, their ear anatomy, and the amount of support and hearing training they get. Your child’s doctors can tell you if your child will benefit from a cochlear implant.