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Cochlear Implant Sound Processor Upgrade Availability

Hear like never before with
the latest cochlear implant technology

One of the best things about a cochlear implant from Advanced Bionics is that it’s future-proof.

That means as technology gets better over time, you can upgrade to the latest sound processors and accessories available. This way as time goes by, you or your child can always expect to hear better and in more ways. 

Living a More
Connected Life

Upgrade to Marvel CI

Upgrading your cochlear implant has never been easier. Take advantage of Marvel CI, AB’s most popular sound processor ever. For adults, upgrading to Naída CI Marvel will give you a better sound experience, allowing you to hear more detail in a variety of listening environments. You'll also enjoy unique features like direct connectivity to all your Bluetooth* devices.

If your child hears with an AB CI, Sky CI Marvel is the first cochlear implant sound processor designed with children’s needs in mind. Whether they’re in preschool or a teen, Sky CI Marvel offers the performance and convenience features that will help them learn and have fun.

Upgrading to the latest technology is the best way to improve your hearing — all you need to do is get started!

Marvel CI has brought me a lot of new features.

— Imani, hears with a Marvel CI